Hello, my name is Paul and I’m a Google Ads specialist from New Zealand.

I’m a marketing veteran that came up through the agency world, moved into executive management, then ultimately decided to return to technical marketing because I love working with data and dislike endless meetings.

That, and I get to work from my home office and watch my kids grow up.

Clickity is a place for me to share my knowledge, experience and learnings. This used to be a traditional marketing website, but I figure the world doesn’t need any more of those.

Does the world need more information about Google Ads? With the right filters, I believe so. That filter is me.

The articles here are written for humans, by a human, with the goal of sharing practical knowledge that is actually useful for business owners.

Thanks for reading 🙂


Where can I find out more?

If you want to see what I look like, feel free to connect on LinkedIn.

Do you have space for new clients?

Not often, but I always keep some space free in case the right project comes along. Please scroll to the bottom and get in touch.

Is the website simple on purpose?

Yes! Simple is good. I’m tired of pop-ups, hard selling and general FOMO tactics, and I’m sure you are too. Good content should speak for itself.  

Where do the images come from?

The images are AI generated using XXXXXXX. I’m fascinated by AI and no doubt it will become an important part of running Google Ads, so the use of AI imagery seems apt.

Platforms & Tools

I run campaigns across the Google Ads network, which includes Search, Display, YouTube, Shopping, Maps and partner sites.

Results are tracked and measured using Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics 4 and Looker Studio.

Other tools include Semrush and Ahrefs for keyword research, and Hotjar and Clarity for conversion rate optimisation.


Google Ads

Advertise on the Google Search and Display networks to put your business in front of people who are actively searching for your products and services.

Conversion Tracking

Accurate conversion tracking is essential for measuring leads and ROI, setting performance benchmarks and optimising campaigns over the long term.

Tag Management

Simplify tag management with Google Tag Manager. Fast, reliable and secure tag management that doesn’t require a developer to deploy new code.

Account Audits

If your business already runs Google Ads, get an expert analysis of how campaigns are performing and recommendations to improve core metrics and ROI.

Analytics & Reporting

Build customised dashboards and easy-to-understand reports that will help your business track KPIs, visualise trends and compare performance over time.

White Labelling

White label services for agencies wanting to bring Google Ads expertise inhouse, or any business that wants to offer their clients Google Ads services.


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