Case Studies

Seachange Electrical | User Journey, Brand Messaging & SEO

Seachange Electrical is an electrical services provider based in Mangawhai, Northland, that was looking to gain local market share in an already saturated market.

The brief for this job was to create brand messaging for the Home page and build service pages that meet SEO best practices and double as landing pages. The overall tone was to welcome new users to the website, guide them towards the solutions on offer and instill a sense of confidence and trust along the way.

The final draft was 1800 words and the project took 16 hours in total. This included 2 hours for preparation and interviews, 4 hours on keyword, competitor and industry research, and 10 hours to write the copy, including a second edit and some additional work added late in the project.

Smartlife | User Journey, Brand Messaging & Marketing Copy

Smartlife provides automated technology solutions for the home and workplace.

When the pandemic struck, the team at Smartlife realised that they needed to transition away from physical showrooms and move towards a digital sales process. We were invited to work with the Smartlife marketing team to consult on the user journey of their customers, help plan out the website, and write their website copy and marketing material.

Starting from zero allowed us to integrate the website into the user journey right from the beginning, creating a seamless flow from first discovery on search and social, to converting on website landing pages using sales-focused copy and strong call-to-actions.

Customers are then nurtured through the sales process using an automated email sequence to highlight other aspects of the business and overcome any last barriers to purchase.

Advisory.Works | Sales Copywriting

Advisory.Works is a business advisory partner with clients across New Zealand, Australia and the United States. As part of their inbound marketing strategy, Advisory.Works offers business owners access to their Strategic Execution Assessment Tool.

The brief for this project was to create a conversion-based landing page to bring warm traffic into the sales funnel, while also offering the business community a valuable tool to gain insight into the fundamentals of strategic execution.

We started with customer avatars to define the target audience, then used bullet points to plan out the structure and flow of the landing page – first identifying with the user, then gaining their trust and finally overcoming any remaining objections to taking action – and then expanded the outline into the first draft.

The project took 7 hours from start to finish, including 2 hours of research and interviews, and we were able to reach final copy on the first draft.