At Clickity, we only focus on Google Ads and leverage our experience across the entire Google suite of tools for maximum returns and trackability.

Why only Google? Put simply, intent.

Google is still the only major platform that can put your business in front of customers searching for your products and services, with an intent to take action.

Real people with real problems, searching for a solution, with your business at their fingertips.

This is the power of search engine marketing.


We run Google Ads across Search, Display and YouTube. All ads are driven by data and measured using Google tools such as Analytics, Tag Manager and Looker Studio.

Google Search

Put your business in front of people who are actively searching for your products and services. See how much ROI you are making, down to the dollar.

Google Display

Display ads are like a billboard that follow people around, boosting the effectiveness of search campaigns and building brand awareness.


YouTube is the worlds second largest search engine. Place video ads on the channels that align with the products and services you offer.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics 4 uses machine learning to track the customer journey of your users, including their level of engagement, monetization, and retention.

Google Tag Manager

Track conversions and get a deeper understanding of user interactions such as button clicks, downloads, form submissions, scroll depth and much more.

Google Looker Studio

Build customized dashboards and easy-to-understand reports that will help your business track KPIs, visualise trends and compare performance over time.


Our monthly management plans include both Search and Display advertising. The only limitations are how much you want to invest, how many campaigns you can run while still remaining effective, and how much time will be required to optimise and maintain the account.

YouTube ads are charged in addition to monthly management, or can be run as separate campaigns.

Every business is different. Please get in touch for a free account audit. Once we know more about your business, we can send you a quote for setup costs and monthly management.

Onboarding Costs
  • We charge an onboarding fee for all new clients, no matter if they are new to Google Ads or already have campaigns running.
  • There is no set onboarding fee, the amount will depend on the current status of the account and how much work it will take to ensure the best conditions for success.
  • The onboarding process typically includes new account set up, a full audit for existing accounts, keyword research, campaign structure planning, landing page reviews, ad copywriting, Google Analytics integrations and conversion tracking.
Terms & Conditions
  • The monthly management fee is payable to Clickity. The monthly click cost is payable directly to Google via your credit card.
  • Free Time can be used to create new campaigns, ad groups and ads, or whatever changes you would like outside of ongoing account optimisations. Free Time does not roll over and can only be used within the current billing period.
  • Additional work will be charged on an hourly basis.
  • All Display ads and Video ads are to be delivered by the client, in the correct format.
  • There are no contracts or lock in penalties, although new campaigns are recommended to run for a minimum of 3 months to allow for optimisation.


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